Improving the Quality of Life for Nursing Home Residents

It was in August 2002 that I came up with the idea for the Feel Alive Project--a community of volunteers who share their time once/month with nursing home residents to inspire the feeling "Aliveness!" I assembled a core team (board of directors) to help me create the Feel Alive Project, and I've had the pleasure of seeing it evolve to become a fun and successful, volunteer organization that is supported & recognized by local businesses and media.

The benefits of the Feel Alive Project are amazing, and I would like to see every nursing home in Houston eventually implement their own Feel Alive Project. Why not, right? We are only limited by ourselves. Let's see what we can create in this world; it'll be a fun and rewarding experience for all those who participate. "To accomplish great things, one must not only plan, but also act--not only dream, but also BELIEVE."

In order to provide a variety of activities (reading, exercise, games, visiting)-as well as sufficient quality time for the residents--the Feel Alive Project is always recruiting volunteers. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out. J